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Reach Program Director

Terrell Hagood was born and raised in Greenville, SC where he has lived for 44 years. Determined to make a difference in the lives of people he comes in contact with, Terrell pursues his passion for change. As an agent for change, Terrell combats the challenges that young men and women face. Having overcome obstacles in his life, he believes "Passion Precedes the Promise.” Terrell's motto is, "We cannot build the future for the youth unless we build the youth for the future.”Terrell is diligent to bring about change in the lives of young men and women alike. He has been an active Life Coach since 2018 and has worked with the Greenville County Department of Juvenile Justice, Gravity (gang reduction and violence intervention targeting youth) and Greenville County Schools. As a Life Coach, he focused on the “Now” of the students and strategized a plan to move them to their “Next.” Terrell's aim with every student is to focus the attention of the each student on their set goals and devise a plan of execution to bring about the desired results

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Reach Program Coordinator

Robyn moved to Greenville, SC nearly 25 years ago.  When her husband died from cancer in 2003, she began her journey as a single parent of six children. This life-changing experience (and her own battle with cancer) pushed her to earn her Master’s Degree from Clemson in Student Affairs in 2017.. While in graduate school, she volunteered with the Starbucks Opportunity Youth Initiative to support career planning for students involved in a local community center, utilizing her GCDF certification. After graduating from Clemson, Robyn joined the staff at Limestone University where for the next 5 years  she worked in advising, advocating for and recruiting students. This experience was formative for Robyn as she realized that her interests and giftings most aligned with being a part of the stories of young men and women as they begin their journey toward adulthood, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop regardless of privilege or background. She joined Reach in October of 2023 and is amazed at the opportunity to be a part of equipping and elevating the leaders of the next generation.

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