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Since 2009, GOAT (Great Outdoor Adventure Trips) has taken nearly 10,000 students on unforgettable adventures because of the generosity of our supporters. Currently, 30% of our funding comes through monthly supporters - a group of faithful donors we call “The Tribe.” Funny enough, a group of goats is referred to as a “tribe.” We are trying to increase monthly support from 30% of donations to 50%. 


Monthly giving allows us to plan better and allocate scholarships in advance. It allows us to tell a student that we know they can be a part of our program because The Tribe has made sure that we have the resources available for them. Would you prayerfully consider joining The Tribe?

Thank you for your generosity!

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At Eleos Ministry we are deeply committed to the Nicholtown & Welcome neighborhoods. God has graciously allowed us to serve more students, more families, and gain more influence in our community than ever before. Jesus defined a neighbor as someone who shows mercy (éleos) to a person in need. Consequently, as our influence increases, our ministry expenses increase as well. Our budget has more than doubled in 3 years.


Would you prayerfully consider becoming an Eleos Neighbor? We’ve recently named our group of monthly supporters our “Eleos Neighbors.” Being a neighbor isn’t about how close you live to someone, it’s about tangible, sacrificial, and consistent love. It’s about mercy. We’re asking our supporters to become Eleos Neighbors…to give sacrificially on a consistent basis. 

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Thank you for your generosity!

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We’ve recently named our monthly supporters our “Dream Team.” We want our commitment to our students to be material and spiritual. We want to pray that God would provide second chances that exceed our student’s wildest dreams. We want to dream heavenly dreams on their behalf and we want to give financially to support those dreams.


Our Dream Team allows us to plan more effectively, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can offer services to every student the Lord brings along our path. We want to interrupt the cycle of crime and prevent high-risk youth from entering the adult prison system. We want to see God-sized dreams become a reality for the amazing students at Reach because everyone deserves a second chance.

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Thank you for your generosity!

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